What Is Go Georgia?

A Total Church Leadership Equipping Event…

leadership training

Sponsored by the Georgia Baptist Mission Board, GO Georgia is a 2-day church leadership training event that includes 100+ topics, top national speakers, affinity and specialized training. The title of the event is GO Georgia because Georgia needs to hear the Good News.

national speakers

GO Georgia features a phenomenal array of both nationally recognized speakers and leading practitioners from Georgia. Anyone serving in church ministry roles will gain meaningful, practical information on a wide-range of ministry-oriented topics, while networking with like-minded people.

breakout sessions

Over 100 breakout sessions related to various church leadership roles will be offered. Whether you work with kids, teach Sunday School, sing in the choir, lead the youth group, coordinate the children’s worship, direct the women’s ministry or serve on the church finance team, there will be something for YOU!

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2018 theme

re:GENERATION resotre renew refocus

re:GENERATION to reach the next generation is our choice.

As Georgia Baptists, we are fully committed to the #ReachingNextGen initiative. To that end, we strategically chose a theme for the “Go Georgia Conference” in 2018 to reinforce our choice to reach the next generation. Reaching children and students under the age of 19 is a priority, as we once again call all Georgia Baptist churches to choose to reach the next generation.


the heritage of our faith to guide the next generation.

Most recognize that to reach a new generation we must consider new ideas and innovative methods. While this may be true, we must at the same time recognize the deep heritage in both the church universally and in our rich history as Georgia Baptists. The tenets of our faith must be celebrated and restored. While we cannot afford to rest on the memories of years past, we should recall our history and revitalize our steadfast commitment to implement innovative ideas while guarding the message of a never changing Gospel.


our commitment to impact the next generation.

Current research suggests that “generation Z” is more likely than previous generations to be receptive to the Gospel. Research also suggests that there is great potential for sweeping revival within this generation of young people. A renewed sense of commitment from Georgia Baptist churches to the #ReachingNextGen initiative could not be more timely. With prayer, humility, and unity we can see a great movement of God ushered through the receptive hearts of the first ever post-Christian generation in America. Like never before, Matthew 9:37 resonates through our churches and we stand ready to be the laborers that God calls to reap a great harvest.


on a shared vision to reach the next generation.

A motivational battle cry requires dependence on the Lord and a focused strategy to bring churches together in a united and unified effort. As we mobilize our churches under a shared vision of #ReachingNextGen we can be inspired to cross divides and build bridges toward reaching the next generation. We must intentionally pass the mantel of faith to a new generation of Christ-followers who will advance the Kingdom of God and be forever woven into the fabric of Georgia Baptist history. Theory and vision must lead to practical means by which to reach the next generation.